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Trouble – AND some upcoming live music!

We were thrilled to have our daughter Luthien make her cello recording debut on Julia’s song for Week 31 of #songaweek2016:

Also, we’ll be playing live next week and next month:

Hops for Hunger
August 20th, 1-5 pm (we play 3-3:45)
Pateros Creek Brewing Company
242 N College Ave, Fort Collins, CO
with Matt “Flanders” Meehan, Canyon Collected, and Jerusalem Road

Larimer County Farmers’ Market
September 17th, 9am-noon
Larimer County Courthouse
200 South Oak Street, Fort Collins, CO



Hymn Number 22

. . . because it’s Week 22 of #songaweek2016! With rich backing vocals from Nathan on the chorus, and a velvety organ to round it all out.


Every Moment Matters

Julia’s song for Week 21 of #songaweek2016! Bass! Shaker! Tambourine! Djembe! Uh, maybe some other stuff! See what you hear here:


Blinding Noise

Another rock song for Week 18 of #songaweek2016. In which Julia recorded a bass line instead of Nathan who usually plays bass, because Nathan was busy patching the kitchen floor and the song needed to get submitted in time. That’s just how we roll . . . or rock . . . or both?

The words are a poem I wrote last year, and I set it to music this past week.


When the Music

We made a rock song out of Julia’s song for Week 14 of #songaweek2016. And here it is:



January Night (Don’t Wake Yet)

Julia has joined a group of songwriters devoted to writing and recording a new song each week in 2016. Last week’s song turned out to be a Cabin of Love song, and the first videosong we’ve made together in quite a while, so we’re excited to share it here!

If you’d like to subscribe to hear all the new songs each week, visit www.songaweek2016.com.

Your Eponine

Here’s a rough solo recording Julia made last night in the living room, for the day before Saint Valentine’s Day, which we declare to be Saint Eponine’s Day.