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Trouble – AND some upcoming live music!

We were thrilled to have our daughter Luthien make her cello recording debut on Julia’s song for Week 31 of #songaweek2016:

Also, we’ll be playing live next week and next month:

Hops for Hunger
August 20th, 1-5 pm (we play 3-3:45)
Pateros Creek Brewing Company
242 N College Ave, Fort Collins, CO
with Matt “Flanders” Meehan, Canyon Collected, and Jerusalem Road

Larimer County Farmers’ Market
September 17th, 9am-noon
Larimer County Courthouse
200 South Oak Street, Fort Collins, CO



Hymn Number 22

. . . because it’s Week 22 of #songaweek2016! With rich backing vocals from Nathan on the chorus, and a velvety organ to round it all out.


Every Moment Matters

Julia’s song for Week 21 of #songaweek2016! Bass! Shaker! Tambourine! Djembe! Uh, maybe some other stuff! See what you hear here:



Nathan got out the drum set for Julia’s song for Week 19 of #songaweek2016. But this time, it’s not a rock song! Dark and dreamy, friends . . .


When the Music

We made a rock song out of Julia’s song for Week 14 of #songaweek2016. And here it is:



Daylight Saving Time (Marching On)

Julia’s song for Week 11 of #songaweek2016

Lullaby for Climbers, Elephants and Divers (Shhh)

Here’s my song for week 8 of http://www.songaweek2016.com: