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Nathan got out the drum set for Julia’s song for Week 19 of #songaweek2016. But this time, it’s not a rock song! Dark and dreamy, friends . . .


Blinding Noise

Another rock song for Week 18 of #songaweek2016. In which Julia recorded a bass line instead of Nathan who usually plays bass, because Nathan was busy patching the kitchen floor and the song needed to get submitted in time. That’s just how we roll . . . or rock . . . or both?

The words are a poem I wrote last year, and I set it to music this past week.

No no disconnect me

from the bluster and brooding

from the bright and blare

This is a hole in my heart

This is a tunnel to somewhere

I can’t remember

and can’t get back

and cannot banish


will not vanish

Thoughts transfer

from brain to brain

meat brain

to silicon brain

I have cut out the middleman

skipped the paperwork.

All this high-tech transcendence

makes me dizzy

I am falling down a hole

falling down a tunnel to somewhere

I can’t remember

and can’t get back

cannot banish


will not vanish

Sleep baby sleep

your dreams have all been written

watch the screen

breathe easy



When the Music

We made a rock song out of Julia’s song for Week 14 of #songaweek2016. And here it is:




Here’s our song for week 9 of #songaweek2016. A bit of a departure from our typical stuff!

Lullaby for Climbers, Elephants and Divers (Shhh)

Here’s my song for week 8 of http://www.songaweek2016.com:


Cody’s Theme (All the Same)

Here’s my song for week 6 of Song a Week 2016. With considerable contributions from Nathan. (As in, he added some lyrics, took my chord progressions and punked ’em up, played all the instruments, threw in some drum loops, and powered out the lead vocal!)



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